Thursday, February 4, 2010

Isotrexin gel

In this article I'm going to demonstrate on how this widely used isotrexin gel which is usually recommended by doctors to cure acne or in simple terms "pimples", work.This is a gel which is applied after a thorough face cleansing to the affected areas or acne.First of all what do you mean by acne and what are the causes for it.

What are acne?

These are usually common skin disorders which is a result of highly production of androgen in both males and females during 17- 19 of age. Acne are usually vanished during mid- 20s but some sensitive people tend to have this disorder till their 40s!! So they should take medical treatments.
Acne are also caused by a common bacterium called propionebacterium acne which feed on sebum and and produces waste products and fatty acids which causes inflammation and irritation.

Some of you may be saying "we all know what are acne but what is there in isotrexin gel or isotrex to do with acne" ?

Yes that is the main reason to write this post. Isotrexin contains two ingredients : isotretinoin - a form of vitamin A and other is erythromycin which is an antibiotic.
Erythromycin works by attacking bacteria associated with acne, propionebacterium acne and this also prevents protein production for the bacteria growth.

Isotrexin gel side effects
  • Skin irritation
After applying the gel, some people feel itching of the skin. So usually they are advised to stop the treatment as soon as they feel skin irritation or itching.
  • Highly sensitive to light
This gel is highly sensitive to sun light and the users are advised not to go out and get exposed to sunlight after applying isotrexin gel because as this gel is very sensitive to light this can lead in increasing the rate of melanin production which as a result causes the skin to get darken.

      So after reading this article don't quickly take actions to apply isotrexin. It is wise to work according to your doctor's prescriptions.I shared this with you because this is the most commonly used by public or recommended by doctors. Keep this as a fact but do not try this because medical treatments SHOULD be taken according to the prescriptions of a doctor.
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  1. nice one man!! article is good

    PS- anything about the brain?

  2. i wont say"nice post" coz it is but i was waiting for more informations abt this medicine!
    also,i was looking for some other suggestions abt how to get ridd of acnes as healthy diets, natural products... s.thing like that!
    anyway you did a good job..ahamed!

  3. manel-Here is an article that shows the relationship between acne and your diet:

    Here is an article about getting rid of acne by using natural products:

    I hope this helps you.

  4. It is crazy to me how many people are unaware of the relationship between eating habits and acne. It is so important to maintain healthy eating as it plays a huge role in complexion. As does things like your linens, pillow cases, towels, etc.

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