Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lie detecting by observing eye movements

This is a continuation of my before post >>>  A little about the techniques used to detect liars
As i promised to write you about the relationship between eye movements and lie detecting, I'm here to write you about it......

First of all i must say that this does work and the tendency of this being true is only 70 % .. But most of the time i have benefited by this trick.
To give you a better idea i have used the program photoshop to design or to make a diagram to show you how this works....
The following is the diagram designed by me ...

                  Lie detecting by observing eye movements of the subject

I hope you got the theory....Let me just scan you through the labels on the diagram.
  • Visually constructed
This is when the subject or the person you use for this experiment is producing an image in their    mind.For example when asked to to imagine the position that they will be in the future.
Note that this happens when they are creating images but not recalling something happened.
  • Auditory constructed
This is similar to the above but this happens when they are creating a particular sound on their mind.For example when asked to imagine how their great grand father's voice would be.For this make sure that his/her great grand father is not seen by him or her.
  • Accessing feelings
This is when they are imagining senses by their sensors like skin,nose.For example when asked to recall the smell of any flower.
  • Visually remembered
This is when the subject is recalling in form of visuals, in other words when they are visualizing an incident happened before.For example when asked to recall the colour of their curtain at their home.
  • Auditory remembered
This happens when the subject is recalling something in form of sound.For example when asked to recall what somebody said at a particular meeting.
  • Internal dialogue
This is when the subject is recalling a particular dialogue happened before in their mind.For example when asked what somebody said before.This is  similar to the auditory remembered but here, the subject recalls something in detail and trying to be more accurate.

When you analyse the above statements you would realize that when the subject is visually constructing, auditory constructing they are likely to produce a lie.But when something is remembered it is obvious that the subject is trying to tell the truth.

Summary - When the subject is creating something or maybe a lie he/she is constructing and when the subject is remembering it is said to be he/she is recalling something happened before. 



  1. Is the direction people look related to where the sense is located? For example,to remember a particular sound,the eye looks to the ear.

  2. Hmm no...Jeremiah, it is generally because of the structure of our brain..Their are 2 halves in our brain- left and right.. Researches have showed that the right site of our brain is very creative while the other is very good at analyzing like doing very complex operations...
    By the way, our eyes move towards up and right when we are using the right side of our brain ...and while we recall something we are likely to use the left side of our brain....

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